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MonadChoice Ltd., specialises in the use of The EcoVend® in most of it’s operations to monitor the cleaning on a daily basis.

The EcoVend® is the first and only dispensing machine in the world designed for the Cleaning Industry with Biometric Access Control and Real-Time Remote Reporting Capabilities via the Internet. The EcoVend® will only allow access to the Log In/Out functionality and vending functionality through the Biometric Access controller (fingerprint), as used by NATO for identification.

Once Logged In, a user’s Log In is recorded by the touch-screen computer with a User Name, Time and Date Stamp. Any chemicals they vend are also recorded with a Time and Date Stamp. At Log Out, the same is repeated. All of this information and more is then uploaded, via the Internet, to servers operated by Diversified Solutions partner, Digitrol, Ltd. The information is then analyzed, formatted to the customers’ needs and either shown on their password protected website or sent to them electronically. This information, in its many forms, helps companies measure the performance of their remote sites to their own customer’s standards. The EcoVend® provides the cleaning company management Real-Time Remote Reported data to measure cleaning personnel performance as it occurs or ‘Measure to a Standard’.

There are currently two models available, the EV-0004 and the EV-0008, with other models in development. Both current models have the unique and differentiating Real-Time Remote Reporting Capabilities and Biometric Access Control. The models are built to International Standards and carry the CE mark. The EV-0004 is capable of dispensing four concentrated chemicals and the EV-0008 is capable of dispensing eight concentrated chemicals. Both models are offered in a variety of colors or Stainless Steel.

The EcoVend® is Trademarked, Copyrighted and has a Patent Pending.

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