Philosophy and Mission


Our philosophy is founded on the belief that the client deserves better for less and it is our stated aim to tackle the above issues head on by providing a hitherto unmatched service quality at the most competitive rates.

MonadChoice Ltd., has set out to achieve these objectives by concentrating on those factors that our research has shown are the most key overall customer satisfaction. To this end MonadChoice Ltd., has adopted proven formal Project Management methodologies encompassing all aspects of design, delivery and support to ensure a disciplined revolutionary approach to customer service delivery.

Quality of service delivery is assured by compliance to a carefully designed industry specific quality management system and standards backed up by accessible and effective customer support. MonadChoice Ltd., believe that no member of staff should be expected to perform any task for which they have not been trained and conduct in house training on a range of subjects including use of cleaning materials, specialist machinery operation and quality assurance procedures. MonadChoice Ltd.,is an equal opportunities employer and encourages personal development and progression through achievement.

MonadChoice Ltd., believe in partnership working from the start and set out to work with the customer in ensuring that all requirements are satisfactorily delivered. Formal problem management and change control techniques are employed to ensure that each customer issue is dealt with quickly and effectively with the action taken in each case being fed back to the customer. The service support arrangements form part of an interactive cycle of constant improvement to existing procedures and standards.

Demonstration Videos

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