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Neil Nixon of Cleaning and Maintenance magazine speaks with Chris Luxton, developer of the Cleanitise System.

Cleanitise is an all-purpose surface cleaner, sanitiser and degreaser with effective germkill. It possesses superior antimicrobial properties and complies with BSEN 1040 and BS EN 1276 criteria. It provides 99.9% effective sterility, and is effective against MRSA, C Diff, Noro Virus, Avian Flu and much more. But that’s just part of the story.

“The Cleanitise system – cleaning solution plus the use of revolutionary black light technology – is all about raising cleaning standards,” said Chris Luxton, innovator and developer. “Even the most careful cleaning can leave traces of contaminant or dirt behind. Cleanitise Black Light is a portable light that shows splashes and stains by making proteins that the eye can’t see visible – allowing cleaning staff to deal with them.’’

I was shown a demonstration of the system working in what appeared at first glance to be a perfectly clean and tidywashroom. Once the washroom light had been turned off and the Black Light turned on the walls and floor around the urinrils and sinks lit up with fluorescent light, apparently reflecting the proteins  present in urine and other contaminants. Under these conditions, the washroom could only be described as ‘disgusting’, although under normal conditions it looked and smelled clean.

Chris Luxton continued: “The Black Light identifies the problem and Cleanitise deals with it. I have tried most other cleaning fluids currently available and haven’t found any as effective as the formulation we have developed for Cleanitise. Literally one wipe around the contaminated surfaces and it’s clean – and the Black Light proves it.”

The Cleanitise system is ideal for use on hospital wards, on furniture, in washrooms, operating theatres and commercial kitchens. “Just this one product will handle everything for a complete hospital or an entire leisure facility,” said Luxton. “Both the Black Light and Cleanitise are now used on London Underground’s District Line every day, ensuring the highest possible cleaning standards.”

Derichebourg ICS Multiservices is also using the Black Light and Cleanitiso to highlight and deep-clean on board aircraft every day, aiming for 100% effective sterility, and Aramark is also using the system throughout several hospitals and medical facilities.

“Several contract cleaning companies are already using the Cleanitise system with the Black Light of part of their tendering process,” continued Luxton. “It offers the most effective method for demonstrating ‘before’ and ‘after’ to a prospective client, and almost always leads to a contract being awarded. Once awarded, the system enables the client and/or the cleaning supervisor to closely monitor the effectiveness of the cleaning programme.”

To convey the effectiveness of the Cleanitise system I recommend you visit where Chris Luxton himself will take you through the process in a short video presentation. If you are responsible for the standard of cleaning in any room in and any facility throughout the country you’ll be pleased you did.

Details of a national distributor for the Cleanitise system, including the Black Light, are currently being finalised. We’ll bring you news of these development in due course.

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